An Inside Look At Modern Day Webcam Business

Do you aspire to become a webcam model? Have you just started as a webcam model and have no clear idea of how it’s like to work in this industry? Webcam modeling is indeed a massive niche in the adult industry. It’s no brainer, a large number of women think of it as a lucrative career. After all, an infinite number of articles and stats advocate just one thing- Cam girls make loads of money performing on the webcam shows, right from the comfort of their homes.

So how it’s like to work as a webcam model? How cam girls make money? How much does webcam site pay to a model who brings money to the platform?

I decided to look in the webcam industry from inside out and know the views of active webcam models on it. I happened to have worked with two popular models as a consultant. I interviewed Jane and Ruth about their experience, which they were happy to share with my readers and me. Of course, with changed names for privacy reasons. Talking about privacy, it immediately brought me to my first question –

Q: Are you concerned about your privacy while working as a webcam model? I mean, have you ever came across some random person off the internet mentioning that he/she has seen you in a show.

Jane: Luckily never, and I would like to keep it that way. I don’t like mingling my professional life with personal life. The website for which I work supports my idea and allows me to geo-block my profile in the regions I want. I have blocked my local region and some other regions too, so not anyone I know personally would see my profile. I don’t care about people knowing what I do. Still, I stay careful.

Ruth: No, I haven’t come across any such situation thankfully. However, although I have blocked the nearby geo-locations, I still have concerns about my privacy. I work with a changed name, but can’t do anything of my face. I don’t care about people judging me; my family knows what I do. However, I have read about stalkers who dig into your personal information and blackmail saying they will leak the same. I have concerns about such stalkers.

Q: For how long do you know each other? How did you meet?

Combined answer: A common friend introduced us who happened to be a cam model, too. Later we came to know we both started at almost the same time. We were new and looking for any help or experience, we can get. We kind of were seeking help and found each other.

Q: How do you find the webcam model’s community? Do you see each other as competitors?

Jane: The models’ community is indeed competitive. Most people don’t want to take you in. People are like let me help you, but they don’t actually want to help you. They think that camming is too easy. They turn on their webcam and take off their clothes and money just falls in the lap. No! We are not just cam girls, we are performers, marketers, graphic designers, and advertisers; we have to do all of that on our own. So knowing the ins and outs of where to invest your time, where to focus your efforts is half of the battle. It’s really trial and error. What works for me isn’t going to work for Ruth or vice-versa.

Ruth: Some cam girls make over $600 in their first night, and tricked into believing that that’s right. They just have to turn on their webcam and not go out of the way or do extra promotion to get exposure. It’s all luck, but even that doesn’t last long. You should know the correct ways, you might get lucky sometime, but it doesn’t work in the long term. If you are serious about a career in this line of work, you always need skills.

Q: What made both of you go into adult webcam business?

Jane: I was a single mom, working at a dead-end job where I was not making any money. I looked into ways of how I can make some money working from home as part-time, take care of my kid, and pay my bills at the same time. Webcamming came up and I researched it for three months and started. Then quit my job the next day.

Ruth: My story is a little different. I was working full-time in the hospitality business. Yet I was sexually repressed. I didn’t enjoy sex and didn’t want to do anything with it. I was very close-minded. Back then, I was dating a person, who liked to tease me about that and really pushed to the limits. He would say it jokingly that I should set an office at my home don’t come out and start camming; you have it in you. Then I kind of went obsessive about watching webcam girls and was very intrigued by it.

Q: So do you find Webcamming as a lucrative business?

Jane: I find it surely lucrative. However, you need to go out of the way most of the time and stay patient. I work 10 hours a day and still sometimes make just $40 a day, but I keep on going remembering those days when I have also made over $3000 in a day.

Ruth: It’s very lucrative if you know the ins and outs of it. Especially, if you have just started, you need a lot of patience and hard work.

Q2: Do you plan to stay a webcam model or think of better opportunities?

Jane: I have plans. Let me tell you a story of a model who was working for the same website where I work these days. She was very popular and had a big fan base and regular clients. That time she had over 1 million followers on Twitter. Using her fan following she built her own website, where she conducts live shows and even sells some stuff to her fans. Her fans are paying $100 for her used panties. I want to start something like this, once I have a big fanbase following like her.

Ruth: For now, the webcam is the best I have. I am working for 5 years now. Now I make enough from webcam modeling and doing it full-time. I plan to do the same for a few more years and get more exposure. I like this career and want to open up for new opportunities in the same line of work. No idea what I want to do next, but I would be something from the same industry.

Q: These days, we are seeing so many webcam sites. I see ads that say, “Girls are waiting for you to jerk with them”, what are these websites, are they some low-class version of big camming websites?

Combined answers: Not at all. In fact, these websites are targeting a micro-niche from the very massive adult webcam business industry. It’s a great marketing and revenue generation strategy. These websites portray as specialized in masturbation experience, where users can find naked girls waiting for them to book a private session and enjoy masturbation like a couple.

There are different kinds of camming and different kinds of answers to how cam girls make money. There are websites that give girlfriend experience, where users indulge in conversation with messages and talking. They don’t even want to see you naked but rather talk with them.

Q: Why would a camgirl want to indulge with such users who just talk? Wouldn’t you lose your precious time focusing on them rather than users who can just pay you for performing your moves?

Combined answer: Well, you might find it surprising but these users pay more than the ones who book your private show, watch it, and leave. In fact, these users connect with you as a person and come back repeatedly, direct to you when you are online. Besides, these conversations can go long, and so do the private sessions with these conversations.

Q: Do you focus on users who pay big amounts by booking private shows?

Not exactly. Even if some users don’t book private shows, they pay-per-message to talk with you, and all that money goes into your earnings. You have to be tactful while handling such users. Since they pay for sending every message to you, they send big messages with paragraphs. You have to know the tactics to make them send more messages, so you can’t just say “okay” or anything that ends the conversation. You have to keep going and show some interest to make the conversations lengthy, and thus receive more paid messages.

As per private shows are concerned, thousands of cam girls around are already doing it. To set yourself apart, you have to do something different. In fact, the people who don’t book private shows and pay you small amounts just for talking are smaller in numbers, but they pay big amounts collectively in the long run.

Q: Do you see your users or it is just that they see you?

Jane: You can see them, but it just costs more on their pockets to get in face-to-face conversations with us. It’s kind of a kink for them, so we charge more to watch them. I personally charge $100 for 10 minutes of private shows, and if they also want me to see them, I charge an extra $30-$50 for that.

Ruth: I have been working for 5 years now and I have seen just one person in a face-to-face private show. Not many users want to show themselves for money or privacy concerns.

Q: How do cam sites pay you? By minutes, sessions, fixed salary, or anything else?

Jane: It really depends on the website and how much does webcam site pay for different services. The site where I mostly cam on pays per-minute. The site offers all private shows, so the more you can make a user stay in the private session, the more site pays me based on pay-per-minute. Even the per-minute charges are not the same for every camgirl and every show. Some girls charge $12.99/minute, some $7.99/minute. It really rather depends on the model. However, we have to be very careful while charging. You do not want the users to go away or charge even too little.

Q: Have you ever refused to do something in your shows? Do you get awkward requests from your fans?

Jane: All the time! Most of the time, I try to engage with my viewers in the best possible ways and try to fulfill all sane requests, but I never entertain insane stuff. Still, I avoid being impulsive about these requests. I try my best to convey that money can’t buy me everything and negotiate with the client. Most of the time, the clients understand it. However, if I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it, that’s all.

Ruth: I get funny and sometimes awkward requests. Once a client tipped me 10,000 tokens and asked me to get in the bathtub filled with Cheetos and masturbate with an eggplant.

Q: How do you see fetishes? Do they help or get you in trouble?

Combined answer: It’s kind of both, but mostly they are useful if you know how to handle the insane requests. There are different kinds of fetishes and there are no limits to them. People may want to see you covered up in Cheetos or just want to see your feet, and they pay big amounts for serving their fetishes. You have to learn when to say no and when to make perfect use of a fetish to get more tips.

I know some girls who ask for tips even to say a user’s name or ‘Hi’. However, I stay strategic and don’t portray myself as a gold-digger or something. I focus on making engagements and connect with the people for long-term benefits, but also stay aware when people try to get free flashes. Therefore, we have to literally charge for everything special: song requests, flashes, games, twerking, and tons of stuff.

Q: How do users pay for fetishes or their requests?

Combined answer: It depends on the website. However, the website where I work on, allows users to purchase on-site currency, we call them as tokens. Users utilize these tokens to send tips. Whenever a user wants me to do something, they send tips of the equivalent amount, which I already display on my profile as a rate-list. For example, I have prepared a rate-list for popular fetishes such as flashing breasts for 10 seconds for 100 tokens, turn around and twerk for a minute for $200, and so on.

These rate-lists are actually very useful and you can make a lot of money by serving fetishes and getting tips. You can host contests and ask for tokens as entry fee, you can use smart vibrators that that vibrate for a specific amount of time in return for tips. Users really engage with such vibrators when they feel they can control your orgasm with a click of a button.




Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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Maloney Graham

Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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