Camgirls/Pornstars: Make Money from Adult Fan Club Subscriptions

If you have visited any adult website recently, you might have come across the Ads from OnlyFans and ManyVids. These are two of the most popular adult fan club platforms on the internet. They brim with both subtle and adult content from thousands of adult models, porn stars, camgirls, and fitness trainers, which millions of users or we just say fans, pay to browse.

It’s simple. People pay to follow their favorite model, porn star, and camgirls on these platforms. These sites function more like adult social media platforms, rather than a porn site or webcam site. However, unlike Twitter or Instagram, people pay to see the posts made by their favorite models, and there are no NSFW restrictions.

That means if you are an adult influencer, you get opportunities on these platforms to capitalize on your fan base. To engage your fan base, you can post photos, conduct cam shows, sell video clips, and fanclub merchandise.

Make money on adult fan club — A new business model

Depending on the business model, models are getting different ways to make money on adult fan club sites. For example, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where users pay to subscribe to individual models and get access to all the posts made by her/him. Contrastingly, ManyVids follows a pay-per-content model, where you need to pay to access individual content or a bunch of them.

A new type of business is certainly on boom these days. It’s not exactly a new idea but more like an adult version of Patreon combined with the features of Twitter, Instagram, and adult cam sites. In other words, it’s simply an adult extension of the mainstream fan clubs, which capitalizes on not just fan bases of the adult influencers but also their love for adult content.

Women selling nudes for money is a prevalent scene on the internet, but if you are an adult influencer, you have a lot more than just nudes to sell on such platforms. People are no more interested in random nudes from random women. It has become a competitive arena, where models are personalizing the user experiences of their fan base and going out of the way to deliver personalized nudes clicked just for individuals on demand. Pay a little extra and you could also ask a model to send a clip with stripping and moaning your name.

How does the adult fan club business model operate?

If you are a model willing to go explicit among your fan base how should you proceed? There are two possible ways to proceed. You can either join well-known adult fan club platforms or create your own fan site.

Join an adult fan club platform

If you are joining an existing fan club platform, you have to be sure that you have decent followership to compete with other models on the same. Moreover, you will be sharing your revenue with the platform as commission-cut, so be ready for that too.

Models on sites like OnlyFans charge subscription fee starting from $4.99 per month to — no upper limit. Models make 30–40% of their earning selling these subscriptions, while the 60–70% is via cam shows, pay-per-content, and selling merchandise. OnlyFans keeps 20% as commission from the overall model earnings and pays out the rest 80% to the models. We have seen OnlyFans models like Julia Holbanel claiming to have had made up to €7,500 in just two days.

In either of the ways, you have to be very competitive and look out for the trends that are running the segment. Here are top adult fan club subscription platforms you can join in 2020:

Top 10 adult fan club subscription platforms

Create your fan club subscription site

If you find joining third-party adult fan club platforms infeasible due to commission or any random reason, you can create your fan site. You can use our xFans script to set up your site in minutes.

The xFans script is a ready-made solution, which we also call our OnlyFans clone script. You can simply install the script on a web server and set up your adult fan site cum adult marketplace without going through any technical hassles. It has all the features inbuilt that you need to run a site like OnlyFans and ManyVids.

Whether you want to earn by selling subscriptions, individual content, or by taking a commission from models joining your platform, xFans is the answer to all your needs. Besides, it’s an open-source solution, so there are no recurring payments but just a one-time cost to purchase the source code. You can even customize the features and the UI as you need.

Adult Fan club platform monetization channels

If you are creating your fan site, you can adopt the following monetization channels to make money:

· Subscription: Like OnlyFans, Models can sell subscriptions of their profiles and offer exclusive access to their explicit content and profile to the subscribers.

· Pay-per-content: Models can follow the model of ManyVids and sell each content individually. They can offer nudes, video clips, phone sex, live chat, and camming services as well.

· Hybrid: Alternatively, you can also go for a hybrid business model where you can club some of your content inside a subscription package and others as per pay-per-content.

· Commission: Use a commission management system to set percentage cuts from the model earnings and transfer the rest of the amount to the respective model’s bank account or PayPal wallet.

How much can you earn running an adult fan club site?

There is particularly no limit to the amounts you can make running an adult fan club platform. However, the earning do depend on the number of active models on your website and their fan base. Let’s understand this with a breakdown of the figures:

Let’s assume-

· You have 1000 models on your website

· Each model has 10 paying customers

· Subscription fee set by every model is $5

· You site tales 20% commission


· Monthly earning from 1 model with 20% commission cut is = 20% of 2x5 =$10

· Monthly earnings from 1000 models with 20% commission cut is = 10X1000 = $10000

Hence, you would be making $10000/month with subscriptions alone by charging a 20% commission, just like OnlyFans. Now, add this revenue with 20% of all the revenue that will generate from-

· Models selling individual images and clips

· Models selling their merchandises

The overall revenue would be off the charts, even if we consider 10 paying subscribers per model. In actual scenario, depending on the model’s fan base, you would have much more paying customers. If things go well, with strategic marketing, you could be making a huge money.

2020 trends to make money on adult fan club sites

Here are some tips and trends that you should look for to make better money from your adult fan club sites in 2020. If done well, optimizations on these trends can make huge money from your business:

· Organic traffic: Focus on organic traffic for long term goals. You may rely on paid traffic from adult Ad networks in the beginning, but in the end, you need free organic traffic to run the site profitably and to reduce the cost of operation.

· Content: Regulate the type of content on your platform. Lay down rules and regulations on types of content models can post. It’s best to promote your site under a niche to get more interested users. For example, allow only personal amateur videos from the models rather than professional production studios.

· Scheduling: Post scheduling functionality can help models to engage users without failing. They can remain consistent about their daily posts and users know when to expect new content from which model.

· Promotion: Allow adult industry influencers to use your fan site for promotion, just as mainstream influencers do with their Twitter and Instagram followers. Besides, you can also give promotional features on the platform that models can use to promote their profiles and posts. For example, community tabs like on YouTube or sponsored posts like on Instagram and Twitter.

· Discounts: Make full use of Discount and Sales to attract as much paying customers. You can run discount campaigns for premium subscriptions, individual content, or merchandise.

· Freemium model: Use a freemium model to attract all kinds of users and convert them into payers. Offer some access free of cost and keep stuff that is more interesting for premium subscribers. This will encourage more users to become subscribers.

To conclude

In short, it’s not tough to make money on adult fan clubs if you know the ins and outs of the adult industry. A cherry on top would be your experience in the field as an adult model or porn star. You know how to attract users and how to get them to pay. The love for adult content among the people is omnipresent. You can link this love with the massive demand for Amateur content on porn sites. People these days are interested more in actual clips and content from the models than professionally orchestrated porn scenes. You can use this love to capitalize on your adult social media and adult fan club site business idea. As per building your website is concerned, scripts like xFans are the one-stop solution to all your needs. All the best for your venture.




Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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Maloney Graham

Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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