How to Generate More Clip Sales Using Foot Fetish Sub-Categories?

Did you know that people are making $72,000 per year with just a smartphone and a decent camera? No, they are not selling nudes or stripping on webcam (that’s a whole other business model with different prospects, which we have talked about in many of our articles).

Here, I am talking about an entirely different way to appeal to a booming inclination and make money with foot fetishes. Yes, it’s possible to earn all those crazy cash without stripping your clothes. Just remove your socks, take a picture of your feet, and be welcomed in the world of foot fetishes.

Strange, but true and highly competitive…

Foot fetishists are willing to spend big amounts for their fondness of feet, and ladies are making some real cash selling foot fetish pics, video clips, and even merchandise such as worn socks and shoes.

Especially after COVID-19, the already existing models-fans transactional business model has boomed up like anything. A wave of online sex workers, adult models, celebrities, have joined platforms like OnlyFans and ManyVids to connect with fans in a really unrestricted way, entirely different from mainstream social media platforms.

You might find it strange and skeptic to believe that people are actually spending big amounts on buying foot fetish pics, videos, and merchandise, but it’s a fact — foot fetish is now in fact a flooded category with tons of models, sellers, aggregators earning big by selling non-nudes.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can cash on the prospects of foot fetishes, and how you can beat the competition by focusing on sub-categories and micro-niches within the larger market for foot fetish category.

Generate Better Foot Fetish Clip Sale with Micro-Niches

Are you looking for an easy adult business idea? An idea that does not require you to go hard-core, and yet drives you a sustainable stream of income. Then, foot fetish is the perfect niche, to begin with.

Sub-categories and micro-niches of Foot Fetish, to be precise.

Here is the thing.

Find sub-categories for your micro-niche first

There are tons of clip sites on the internet. Each offers clips under hundreds of categories, which further classify into dozens of niches; foot fetish is one such niche.

However, foot fetish has gone extremely competitive as a niche these days. To do better, you must narrow down your options to micro-niches that have enough demands. That’s where traversing through the categories and sub-categories of popular clip sites can help.

Take any clip site and traverse through hundreds of categories that you see out there.

Let’s take the Clips4Sale website for instance. You can find hundreds of categories on the website, sorted in alphabetical order:

Scroll down to find “Foot-related” categories:

Clips4sale has arranged foot fetish sub-categories in its main category section. You can pick any of these categories for your niche.

However, if you narrow down your options and dig deeper into these individual categories, you can find individual studios. Let’s explore the ‘Foot Domination’ category for instance:

You can find hundreds of sub-categories if you check the profiles of each studio inside the ‘Foot Domination’ category. Each of them can give a unique micro-niche to explore. For example:

Brazilian Foot Fetish

Licking Foot Fetish

Lesbian Foot fetish

You can also make a direct website search using related terms such as feet, foot, toes, heels, shoes, socks, soles, worship, etc. Each of these search terms can produce tons of video results with unique attributes, which could also form a micro-niche.

In fact, even the search autosuggestions can return dozens of quick ideas. Like in this autosuggestion for the term ‘heels’:

Choose the most suitable foot fetishes

After exploring through the categories and sub-categories on multiple websites, you can pick the ones that suit you the most. However, don’t just pick based on your interests, but also consider a few other things such as:

  • Your physical attributes
  • Your abilities
  • Demands

In short, identify your strengths, abilities, and physical attributes that can resonate with the niches well in demand. Tally these aspects and determine the niches that you can serve into.

Pick only the ones that meet all these aspects. For example, ‘tortured by feet’ could be a popular niche, but you must ensure if you are comfortable perming the acts in demand under this sub-category or niche.

Prepare a blend of sub-categories

To be honest, some micro-niches may be well in demand, but they can’t sustain an entire business model individually. To get the best results, you need to explore and prepare a blend of multiple micro-niches. This will broaden your prospects, and you will face a lesser competition than choosing ‘foot fetish’ as a whole.

You can try blending Foot Fetish categories with other categories, too. For example, Femdom is an independent category in itself, and you can combine some of your foot fetish sub-categories with Femdom to acquire a perfect mix of demands from both the niches. For example, Femdom foot worship, Femdom tortured by feet, and Femdom dirty feet, etc.

Control your temptation of going big

Broader markets are really tempting. You might think that picking up some small niches would not make you rich quickly, but that would be your biggest mistake.

Niche, Micro-Niches, and Nano-Niches are the future. They are perfect ways to avoid going eye-to-eye with the big names in the market and still let you possess enough demands to sustain an independent business model.

By going big and investing directly into the broader markets where someone is already doing great, you would only be wasting your time, money, and efforts. It’s not easy to stand out in a market where your clips get buried in a pile of similar content from thousands of others like you.

It’s always better to pick an easy small slice of the pie than fighting for it and not getting a slice at all.

Where to Sell your Niche Foot Fetish Clips?

As I said earlier, websites like Clip4sale, ManyVids, OnlyFans, and IWantClips, etc. allow models to sell their video clips, you can sign-up and create a profile on any of them. You can make money with foot fetish videos on these platforms.

However, note that these websites serve hundreds of niches and thousands of micro-niches in addition to foot fetish clip sales. You might find it pretty difficult to stand out unless you are already a celebrity with a decent fanbase. Besides, you would be paying about 30–40 percent of your earnings to the websites as commission.

Or, Build Your Own Foot fetish clip sale website

Based on the niches you have selected to serve, you can build your own website like Clip4sale, ManyVids, and OnlyFans, etc. You can start your own Clip4Sale for Foot fetishes.

Don’t worry it’s not tough or overly expensive to build such a website. Just use a turnkey clip sharing script like xFans by adent, and get a ready-made website like Clip4sale, ManyVids, or OnlyFans within a couple of days.

xFans is also called OnlyFans clone script, as it lets you set up a website like OnlyFans without writing a single line of code by yourself. Simply install the script on a web server of your choice, set up the website, and make money with foot fetish videos on the go.

This approach will allow you to save that 30–50% commission that you could be paying if you want to sell on a third-party website. In the long run, you get an independent adult business of your own, and complete freedom to allow other people like you to sell their clips on your website.

You would be making money selling your own clips + the money you get as commissions from others who sign-up on your website to sell their clips. Without foot fetish, there are also many non-nude adult festish niches which you can choose.




Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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Maloney Graham

Maloney Graham

Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.

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