How to Make Five Figures Amount as a Cam girl in a Month?

The adult industry has been on the boom for the time unknown. From videos-on-demand and live webcam shows to adult eCommerce sites, this niche is way beyond the regular comprehensions of making huge money in short duration.

You can guess the prospects by the fact that adult sites get more stable traffic than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter altogether. From 30% of the internet traffic being adult and Pornhub hiring expensive billboard on New York Times Square to eat24 advertising on porn sites, the adult industry is taking all other industries by the storms.

Reports confirm that the adult industry is worth $97 billion, which is huge considering Hollywood roughly makes $10 billion after releasing approx. 600 movies each year. In fact, the adult video industry itself makes around $15 billion each year after releasing more than 13,000 films.

That’s insane!

Now let me ask the billion dollars question- “How can you claim your share from this billion dollar pie?”

How Camgirl Modeling fits in the adult industry?

After porn sites, if anything that is ruling the adult industry is cam sites. If porn acting is not your stuff, you can depend on your camgirl salary to earn big from the adult industry. Become a cam model by joining a cam site; it’s actually very simple as it sounds.

Studies reveal that overall webcam market was around £730m in 2006 (UK), which grew to £1.1 billion in just two years (2008). The UK itself accounts for more than 27,000 webcam models and 17 million active cam site members and subscribers.

After porn stars, webcam models are the ones with a huge and stable income. It’s a complex network of relative survivals but gives really simple ways to make money from the live shows. Let’s find out how cam modeling works and how much money do cam girls make actually.

How does webcam modeling work?

In the past, businesses have made huge money by enticing men to use their phones to talk dirty with anonymous ladies. As time went on, phones grew smarter and web technologies began to produce more refined ways to talk dirty on the phone.

It evolved from “Talk Dirty” to “Watch & Talk Dirty. Today, phones are still there but the medium of communication has moved from traditional voice calling to Internet-based live video streaming, video conferencing and live chatting.

That’s where webcam modeling kicks in by giving a more contemporary, enhanced, and satisfying way to talk and see dirty. You might consider webcam modeling a perfect offspring of on-demand porn video and phone sex. A medium that allows men to both watch and interact with adult content at the same time. More like a real-time two-way communication channel.

This is how adult cam sites work-

1. Adult cam sites allow women/men/transgender to sign up and create a model profile.

2. People interested in the respective genders visit these sites to watch live cam shows.

3. Models use a webcam to transmit their real-time video feed, and mic & keyboard to interact.

4. Visitors can also use their webcam or mobile cam to transmit their video feed the same way.

5. Visitors can also use mic or keyboard to talk or chat with models in real-time.

How cam sites make money?

Subscription based model

Depending on the business model, a cam site may ask its users to buy weekly, monthly, or yearly plans. Consequently, they may also create different packages with different types of access. For example, a cheaper plan to access live shows, but a more costly plan to access even the recorded cam shows in the past.

How does it work for cam sites?

It works a little differently for most of the cam sites. Instead of giving access to all content on the site, most of the sites ask users to subscribe to a particular model. That is -with one subscription, a user get access to all the cam shows, VODs, and other services for a particular model on the platform. To watch other models, they would have to buy their respective subscriptions too.

a) Advertisement based model

Sites following this model don’t ask for any paid subscription from the visitors. Instead, they make money from the advertisers, who pay the sites to show their Ads to their visitors.

How does it work for the cam sites?

It works exactly the same as it works for regular sites or porn tubes. They show Ads to their visitors in two possible slots:

  • Pre-Roll — show ads before starting the live stream.
  • Mid-Roll — show ads in between the live shows.

PS: VOD platforms have a third type of slot called “Post-roll”, which shows Ads after a video playback is finished.

b) Transaction-based model

YouTube’s also fits in this category with its separate listing of some paid content in addition to the free content.

How does it work for the cam sites?

This model is quite popular in the cam sites but follows a little divergent approach. They use it in a hybrid to other models. For example, they list some free public cam shows and give visitors the option to request a private show with an additional amount. That’s where they pay only for a particular cam show.

c) Hybrid model

d) Tipping or donation model

Why more women are going for webcam modeling?

1. As a primary income source

2. For the pleasure of being their own boss

3. For the comfort of working from home

4. As a part-time job to finance higher education

5. As a part-time job to finance cosmetic surgeries

Why cam sites are trending so much?

That one-to-one connection!

Consumers of the VOD porn industry are preferring cam sites as they are more direct and build a one to one connection. The kind of interaction a real-time cam session has is not seen in the VOD content.

Take John (made up name), for instance. He hardly misses any show of his favorite cam model on Chaturbate. He spends an average of $200 in a week, tipping her. When asked about his orientation to the cam shows, he says- “cam shows are more intimate. I can feel a personalized connection with my favorite model. I do not find it when watching porn videos or watching the cam show in public rooms with thousands of others in the same chat room. There is no best feeling than a woman doing what you fantasize while watching adult content.”

For many cam viewers like John, receiving dedicated attention from a woman in private cam shows is a great fantasy. This is what that brings users to the private webcam shows where models get more chances to earn money.

How to make money as a camgirl?

Ways to make five-figure amount as a newbie camgirl

1. Choose a suitable cam site

Though you might start doing it for extra income, sooner you will find enough opportunities to make a luxurious livelihood out of your camgirl salary. Same happened with Jayme Jones (21), who was struggling to pay her bills on a limited salary of a sales job in a phone shop.

With help from friends in the adult webcam industry, Jayme built a small studio in her spare room and started modeling. Sooner she ditched her sales job, and now she earns around £52,000 a year. Let’s not include the constantly showered gifts of shoes and clothes she gets from her fans.

Jayme Jones’s case is just an example to explain, if you choose the right platform and dedicate some time to this job, it’s not tough to make a 6 figure amount.

2. Remain online for longer durations

Not just staying live is important, staying live in the right time-frame is more crucial. However, the best time may differ from country to country and time-zone to time-zone. For example, camgirls from Romania believe night is the best time as there are “more visitors” during this time. Many people just go home after work and stay in front of the computer for a long time at night, this is the best time between 9–12 night to get more views.

But Colombians have a different opinion. They think the same, but they also consider the time-zone as they work in a crossed schedule; When it’s the day in one place, it’s night at other and vice versa.

So the next big aspect is deciding the target area which gives more visitors and donators. However, this is also a fact that fans live all around the world and they visit the camgirls sites mostly in the night or early morning. That’s why your best time to stay online is when your fans’ can visit you.

Tip: Fix a schedule and be regular to that. Fans will automatically adapt to that. However, do consider coming online at night for your target areas. Generally, camgirls get to choose a schedule and complete at least 6–8 hours shift per schedule. It’s the ideal time you should stay live as a full-time cam model.

3. Adopt the freemium revenue model

The most effective Ad-based model is one of the widely used ways to generate income. This is followed by a freemium model where cam models offer something for free and let users have a taste of what it feels like. Later, once users get engaged the stuff can be changed to charge amounts for offering a more enhanced and experience.

You can apply this method in your cam shows too. Give a glimpse of your public cam shows for free and then take it to the private sessions. Users once hooked will have no problem paying for a full show. Additionally, you can also give advanced experiences like “a peek in the private show” to entice users for a full paid show.

Use the freemium model, offer something for free to get engagement, and encourage users to take a paid version for a better experience.

4. Capitalize on male fantasies

A couple cam model says “viewers love the fantasies. For example, whenever we perform on the cam shows as a couple, it’s more like watching real-couple enjoying sex, because we are actually a real couple. Cam shows give opportunities to uncover real-world fantasies of those who watch it, and they admit enjoying watching real couple getting it on”.

Making more money on cam sites is all about encouraging viewers to contact using paid one-to-one mediums and stay engaged for a longer duration. The deeper is your connection the thicker are your payouts from donations and tips.

So make as much as possible during the time they are live. You never know when they turn offline after running out of money or to run an errand. It’s all about capitalizing on each opportunity you get.

You can adopt an array of innovative ways to get tips. Something like reward wheel on Chaturbate is a great example. In addition to the rate list for different fantasies, models use reward wheel to add extra spice to the fun and excitement. Models have the option to set the wheel spin target, and once a user tips the target amount the magical wheel will spin and model will perform whatever is written on the wheel.

5. Sell Kik or Snapchat takeover for more exposure

You can use your cam profile to sell Kik and Snapchat access. If you know how models make money using Snapchat takeover or selling the account access, it is similar to that.

Sell your account access through your cam profile, and get payments in tokens from the users. If you already have a decent following on the cam site, selling your account for a limited time is easy.

Beware: Be alert as many cam sites do not allow selling any third-party stuff. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Ways to make more money as an established camgirl

In addition to the above ways, you can leverage the following opportunities that come along with fame and a decent success on popular cam sites. This actively includes your grown followers on social media as well as the cam sites. So, in the later stages of your webcam modeling career, you might consider adopting the following tactics to capitalize on the newly grown prospects and the followership -

1. Sell merchandises and adult fetish products

We have seen successful cam models selling their explicit images, videos, used-panties, and even special lollypops. There is no shortage of fetish & innovative products and merchandise ideas for an adult cam model. If your fans can buy your used panties for hundreds of dollars, they can buy anything to support you.

Jumping into this eCommerce side of adult cam business is more reliant on how deeper is your connection with your audience. The more you engage them, the closer they get to spending bigger amounts on your offerings.

Here are some tips that you might want to consider selling merchandise on a cam site-

· Take good pictures

· Price products strategically

· Don’t meet your buyers in person

· Don’t use PayPal for payments

· Package products strategically

· Build an email list of your persistent customers

· Leverage Email marketing

2. Look out for fusion marketing opportunities

Most of the times, it works fine if done strategically. You should know when to fuse a product or service. Just make sure you also fulfill the original request or the service.

You can do a similar implementation during your live shows as well. You can give away a few free moves bundled with paid requests. It’s all about improvisation and tactics for healthy promotions.

How much can models earn actually?

Let’s break the above-mentioned opportunities to see how much you can actually make following these methods. Let’s assume the following conditions-

Taking 1 token = $1

· Average online duration/per: 6–8 hours

· Average viewership: 100 viewers at a time

· Average viewership/day: 1000

· Average number of users who tip: 100

· Average tips/day/user: 200 tokens

· Average tips/day from all users: 100 x 200 = 20000 tokens

· Average tips/month: 20000 x30 = 600000 tokens

Private cam shows/day: 2–4 shows

Revenue from private shows/month: 4 x 1000 token x30 = 120000 tokens

Revenue from merchandise sale (taking an average of 10 sales of products priced at least 100 USD): 10x100 = 1000 tokens.

Total token revenue per month: 120000+1000= 121000.

Commission paid (considering 40 % by Chaturbate site): 40 % 121000= 484000

Actual earning per month = 726000 tokens

Token value on Chaturbate: 1 token = $0.1099

Total earnings/month in USD = $79787.4

To conclude

Adult Model and Adult Business Expert.