Running an Adult Website — Turn Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time Job

Maloney Graham
8 min readJul 16, 2020

Running an adult website (tube site or cam affiliate site) is one of the best side hustle gigs that you can focus on for making an extra $2000–3000 per month. However, many people don’t realize the full potential, as it can go as big as a full-time business rather than just a gig.

If your full-time job gives you $5–7k per month, 2020 is the right time to turn your side hustle into a full-time business. Covid-19 pandemic has killed off lots of jobs and businesses. If you’re amongst the victims, then take up these adult business ideas as your full-time job and beat the economic hardship. These ideas will also allow you to attract more people like you, who would league up as users and B2B partners to make money with adult website in these tough times.

What are your adult business options?

As of now, the business ideas that you have in the adult industry are comparatively limited as compared with the good old days before COVID-19. However, the accessible ideas have grown even massive amidst the pandemic.

The imperative need for lockdown, social distancing, or work from home environment is your best chance to not only attract new users but also attract B2B partners such as adult models. Let’s check out these ideas in detail here.

  1. An Adult Tube Site Business

Adult tube sites are fundamentally similar to mainstream names like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. An adult tube site allows anyone to upload and share adult videos free of cost with other users. You just need to generate traffic on your platform, as you can monetize it in multiple ways to generate income from numerous sources:

  • Tube site affiliates: You can redirect your traffic to other tube sites by signing up on an adult tube network. Tube networks follow pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-million (PPM) methods, which they use for paying up their affiliate partners for sending traffic to them.
  • Membership affiliates: You can redirect traffic to the premium porn sites, AKA membership sites, and paysites. If your re-directed users sign up for premium membership on these sites, you receive affiliate commissions from them on the membership amount.
  • Adult cam affiliates: When you send users to a webcam site and they purchase tokens on the referred sites, you receive affiliate commissions. Most of the webcam sites offer lifetime commissions. Every time your referred users purchase tokens on these cam sites, you get the recurring commission.
  • E-Commerce affiliates: You can also redirect your traffic to other adult eCommerce stores. When referred users purchase something from those websites, you make your affiliate commissions.
  • E-Commerce selling (digital and physical): You can additionally sell your own adult products from your tube site. There are adult tube site scripts in the market with eCommerce features for both affiliate marketing and native selling.

Note: You can use the xStreamer script to build a tube site with the above-explained revenue channels and business models. It’s a ready-made script with built-in features, solutions, and APIs to build and launch a perfect adult tube site within a few days.

2. An Adult Cam Site Affiliate Business

An adult cam affiliate works very similarly to the tube site affiliates, except it boasts of personalized features to promote webcam sites and webcam shows. The ways cam sites use for paying out their affiliate partners are a little different. You will use one or both of the two major types of API to generate revenue in two different ways:

  • White-label APIs from webcam sites: You can sign up on adult cam affiliate networks to acquire white-label APIs, which you can integrate into your webcam affiliate site. After integrating the API, you can pull more than 20,000+ live webcam shows on your website with a preview of each of them.

Your users will see these previews on your website and will be prompted to visit the original website to continue watching. Upon clicking, your website will redirect the users to the original webcam site.

If your re-directed users purchase tokens on the original websites, you receive affiliate commissions based on the amount of the purchase. Let’s say, you get a 40% commission if the user purchases over 18,000 tokens.

  • Black-label APIs from Big webcam sites: Some of the top webcam sites also provide black-label APIs, which offer more ways to generate revenue. Instead of pulling just the preview of the webcam shows, you can pull the entire model profiles and their live shows on your website.

Your users won’t even realize that these are third-party models, as the API also allows your website to accommodate your native revenue channels and let your users interact with these models as if they are performing on your website. Everything, without any re-direct or leaving your website.

You can own a full-fledged webcam site without hiring in-house models, and yet you can make an income much bigger than just affiliate commissions.

Note: The xCams is a popular webcam script that you can use for building a webcam site with both of the above-explained revenue channels. It lets you make affiliate income, while also giving you the option to use black-label API from LiveJasmin. Besides, you can also hire and sign-up your in-house models to go big, full-fledged, and independent with your cam website business.

3. A Sexting Platform Business

Sexting is not just a trend but also an old activity that has taken new forms with modern internet messengers and web technologies. The lockdown has triggered a wave of commercial sex chat services. Like phone-sex operators, people are using sexting platforms to connect with strangers in the same way as phone sex and webcam shows.

Even popular webcam sites, porn sites, phone sex sites, adult fan sites, and adult social media platforms are adding sexting in their catalogs of services. Adult models, influencers, and women, who have been using phone sex, webcam modeling, escort services, and adult fan sites to generate income, are now exploring commercial sexting, too.

You can leverage this opportunity and start a commercial sexting business. You can set up a dedicated sexting website or a customized sexting app. You can propose women and models with the ways to make money from the comfort of their homes by simply signing up and engaging with your users in sex chat. Your target audience will be youths and college undergrads, whom you can attract with 100% anonymity.

Same as webcam modeling, users will pay to sex chat with your models by purchasing your onsite tokens, which they would spend on sexting with your models. At the end of the payment cycle, you would conduct the payouts, after deducting a percentage cut as your commission.

Note: You can use a turnkey solution like xChat to build and run a sexting platform. This script comes with readymade solutions (website, admin panel, mobile apps) you need for running a sexting business with multiple revenue channels.

How much investment do you need?

As big as they sound, none of the above business ideas needs hefty investments. Right from building the platforms to sourcing content and adult models, all can be done quickly and affordably using the turkey solutions.

For example, the second business idea of an adult webcam site business. If you use one of the xCams’ packages to set up your webcam platform, you not only get a ready-made website but also access to over 20, 000+ live webcam models, out of the box-

  • You can build a webcam site without touching a single line of code
  • You can source webcam models without hiring under your own contract

Following a similar method for the other two ideas with respective turnkey solutions, you can launch a minimal viable service without much of the investment. Your initial investment would be-

  • To purchase a turnkey solution with a one-time payment (link provided in notes in each section)
  • To purchase an adult website hosting plan from your preferred hosting service provider
  • To promote your platform and business using paid marketing channels

The good thing about these scripts is they provide source-code access. Therefore, they are 100% customizable and upgradable, in case you want to expand your minimum viable platform into something much bigger in the later stages.

How to plan your strategy and execution

For any of the three ideas, you can follow the below steps to formulate and execute your business plan:

Find your Niche:

Thousands of adult websites already on the internet are making big fat income. However, starting a similar website in 2020 is not the same. The real mantra of success with an adult business in 2020 is leveraging from the riches in the niches:

  • Select a business model: Tube site business for example
  • Research about the current market: Competition research
  • Select a niche with higher potentials. Example: Straight Porn for tube site
  • Discover micro-niches inside the niche. Example: Female domination porn
  • Create an amazing website based on your micro-niche: Use the turnkey solutions

Create a Website:

Use the turnkey solutions to build the respective websites. Personalize the ready-made script to adapt to your niche and brand identity.

Source content:

If you have used the turnkey scripts, you will get certain APIs, which you can use for pulling content and models from other websites under different revenue models. You will have ample content to launch your website without investing in in-house content and models.

On-page SEO:

Once you have your content and models sourced, you need to optimize your website for search engines. As per your niche, you need to place your primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords in the correct places. Optimize your website’s categories, descriptions, and web pages respectively with these keywords.

At this stage, you need not use on-page SEO to boost your search ranking or pulling organic traffic. A newly built niched website will hardly pull organic traffic at the beginning itself. Instead, do on-page optimizations to make your website accessible to the search providers and fixing the search errors.

Drive traffic:

As I said, new websites can hardly pull traffic from organic sources. However, you can still drive some great traffic by using social media marketing and adult paid Ad channels. These two channels are a bit complex for adult websites, but once you get the hang of the strategies, they are goldmines of adult traffic.

Note: Adent is offering a 1-on-1 skype consulting session with its founder. He is the right person to advise you on planning your strategies. You can book a private session to get a detailed roadmap on each of the steps explained in this section. Ranging right from finding your niche to content sourcing, models sourcing, SEO, driving traffic, correct ways of running your paid Ads campaigns, ways to make money with adult website, and much more.

I hope this post helped you discover some profitable business ideas and guide you with the steps you need to take to convert your idea into a successful business activity. The purpose of this article is to offer a roadmap of the steps you need to take. If you still have doubts, you are more than welcome to comment on your questions or book a session with our founder for personalized guidance about each of the steps. All the best.