Getting into the adult industry is easy than it seems, but it’s way harder to stay there. It’s not like mainstream industries, which offer a great deal of support from numerous B2B services, seminars, conferences, and veterans who can help you at different stages of your venture.

It doesn’t mean the adult industry lacks consultation services; it’s just a bit challenging when compared to the mainstream counterparts. Especially with all that taboo around the adult industry, mainstream service providers refrain from supporting adult businesses directly.

The adult industry is different from the mainstream market

It begins right from the time when you decide to build your adult website, and continues for every other stage of your venture. Not every web development company builds adult websites, not every web hosting provider hosts adult websites, not every payment gateway allows adult business transactions, and not every legality of an adult business resonates with the same for mainstream counterparts; and when it comes to adult business consultation, not everyone who says so is legitimate.

It’s easier to get ripped off in the adult industry due to the lack of experience and knowledge about the market. It’s even easier to fall prey to false positives and kill your venture with immature suggestions. Everything, ranging from website development to hosting, content, payments, equipment, scripts, domain, marketing, SEO, legalities, traffic, and recruitment, requires a different approach in the adult industry.

Market Research in the Adult Industry

The adult industry comprises businesses and websites that deal with legal erotic and sexually explicit content, products, and services. The industry generates its revenue using the same channels that mainstream businesses use: eCommerce, OTT subscriptions, Ads, Affiliate marketing, live streaming, tips, commissions, etc.

However, the state of the market, in terms of how different businesses use these revenue channels in different proportions to generate income, could be way different than the mainstream market.

For example, a mainstream eCommerce website like Amazon can generate billions by selling goods online, but you can’t expect that same level of revenue from an adult eCommerce website. It’s because of the demographics that attract customers to an adult eCommerce website.

I mean, the number of people who are looking for a toaster oven on Amazon is always greater than the number of people who are looking for a sex toy on an adult eCommerce website. Besides, Amazon will always have a comparatively massive catalog of products than an online sex toy store.

That’s what market research is all about in the adult industry. You need to understand your target market, potential customers, level of demands, and scope of the venture before committing even a penny to it; and you can’t do this using the same methods seen in the market research of the mainstream industries.

Data is hard to find, and even if there is some on the internet, they always seem vague claims than actual market research. Only a handful of resources could be trusted when it comes to online research about the adult industry.

The best way to get accurate and reliable market data is by jumping in the field and interacting with people and businesses on the ground zero; someone who has seen the industry from inside and knows the ways that go both in and out of the market.

How big companies in that segment are doing their business?

One of the best ways to start your market research is studying the existing successful businesses in your target segment and understanding their modus operandi. Unless you go through the case studies of successful examples, you would never know about the masterstrokes and mistakes that you may apply and avoid respectively to succeed in your venture.

So, take a step back, look around, and just observe.

For example, if you want to start an adult webcam site, you can begin by focusing on the existing successful websites for aspects such as:

  • How do their websites function?
  • Who are their models?
  • How do they hire models?
  • How much do they pay to their models?
  • What revenue channels they are using?
  • Which keywords do they target?
  • Who are the hosting partners?
  • Who are their payment partners?
  • How do they run their online Ads?
  • What scripts did they use for building the websites?
  • What marketing channels they use for promotion?
  • How do they handle their social media presence?
  • What makes them successful than others in the same market?

Which brings us to the next point-

Your potential competitors

After knowing the existing businesses from inside out, you need to make a list of all the names that collide with your business idea, directly or indirectly. The best way to proceed from here is finding the answers to these two questions first:

  • What are the gaps your competitors have missed that you can fulfill?
  • Are there even enough gaps to capitalize with enough demands?

Once you have acquired even the lamest answers to these questions, you need to come up with niche ideas that satisfy the following two aspects:

  • Find a niche in the market with lesser competition: For example, if all the successful porn websites in your target market are offering content for everyone, you could choose a few categories or fetishes with lesser competition to start a niched site for those categories only. In this way, you wouldn’t have to go eye-to-eye with the big competitors.
  • But choose a niche with enough demands only: Lesser competition is not the only metric here. Your choice must also satisfy yet another criterium, which is enough demands. You can’t just pick a niche with no demands and lesser competition. That’s the trick- lesser competition, yet a decent demand. For example, if offering content for a single specific fetish is not creating enough traffic, you can prepare a blend of 3–4 decent fetishes to combine their demand metrics.

How to proceed with all this research?

You must be wondering that I have told you all about what to do, but haven’t explained how to do it.

Here is the thing. There is no definitive guide or thumb rule that applies to every venture. Each business retains its unique pros, cons, opportunities, market, and target consumer base. Even two identical businesses in the same market for the same target consumers can’t be the same in all aspects.

Each business idea, target market, and entrepreneur requires a personalized masterplan, which you can acquire from your personal research. You need legitimate people and businesses who can help you and save you from getting ripped off, fall prey to false positives, and getting stuck into legalities you are not aware of as an adult industry entrepreneur.

Adult Business Consultation with an Expert

There are a few legitimate businesses in the market that have been offering venture consultation for adult startups. You can approach names like who are popular experts in adult business solutions.

They have been in the industry for over 15 years and possess resources and connections that can help you right from developing your adult website to adult SEO, hiring adult models, adult marketing, finding reliable vendors, running adult Ads, and much more. I can think of two different ways to approach Adent for adult business consultation:

You can book a Skype 1-on-1 Coaching and Adult Business consultation.

You can also schedule a free 15-mins consultation on Skype before getting into adult businesses.

In either way, you can connect with the people who know the industry from inside and experts with over 15yrs of adult business industry experience. It could be the most accessible way to begin with your adult business masterplan plan and get a one-stop solution for all your business needs.



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