Webcam Modeling: The 80/20 Rule

In 1896, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed a fascinating fact about life -80% of the results are accounted against 20% of your efforts. Hence the name, 80/20 rule. Interestingly, this idea was inspired by an observation he made in his kitchen garden. He noticed that 20% of the peapods in his garden kept 80% of the peas.

He noticed that this rule applies to almost every sphere of life, not just peas or economics. He linked the idea with how 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.

What we call today, the Pareto Principle, applies to the world of business, and definitely the world of webcam modeling, too. If you really want to succeed as a webcam girl and make money camming, you must be wondering how it works, and what impact it has on cam girl salary.

The 80/20 Rule in Adult Webcam Modeling

You can rephrase the 80/20 rule for webcam modeling business in a simple term-

“Almost 80% of a cam girl income will come from 20% of the fans/clients/followers/users”.

Don’t you wonder how top webcam models make so much money, while you can notice a majority complaining about the little to no money they make, even after working so hard on multiple cam sites?

Definitely, the Pareto Principle has something to do with it. Even OnlyFans generates 33% of the money from the top 1% accounts, while 73% from the top 10% accounts. Of course, a major proportion of these users are influencers and celebrities, but this does not change the reality.

Most, or at least a significant portion of the tips, private chats, PPV messages, and all kinds of expenditure on webcam sites, fanclub sites, and adult content marketplaces come from 20% of the users. We call them “whales” –the rich, well-off guys who spend in bulk –many times, just on one girl in a night.

Understand the inspiration behind lavish spending by the Whales

The big spenders incline towards top girls on a site. How much do cam girls make from them? Turns out the 80/20 rule is not limited to who spends the money but is also applies to where this money goes. In other words-

“80% of all the tokens spent by the fans, including those from the big spenders go to 20% of the webcam models.”

It is interesting to note that the webcam industry is massive and it produces a big turnover. The New York Times had valued adult camming as a $1 billion industry in 2013 itself. That means top webcam girls earn heaps of money, while a majority fights over the leftovers. No wonder, most camgirls quit within the first 3 months. If you really want to make money camming, you need to understand and implement what top models are doing.

Don’t hate the elite cam girls

I can understand if you envy those elite models who take away most of the revenue this industry generates. After all, you are working equally hard, or at least you think so.

It would be a mistake to hate them. You must rather learn from them. These top models have not reached this level by accident. Apart from loving their jobs, most of them understand the 80/20 rule, and they are using it to the fullest.

The rule works on OnlyFans, Premium Snapchat, ManyVids, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, Clips4Sale, and everywhere one can imagine. In fact, it works across different revenue streams, business models, and even adult fetishes. One can say that-

· 80% of all the subscriptions are from 20% of the users.

· 80% of the expenditures in Financial Domination are from 20% rich guys.

· 80% of the token tips come from 20% of the users who don’t sit freeloading.

You need to target those 20%

Assuming you are making average money and want to become one of the top girls who make in 6 figures every month, your time for experiments, trials, and errors has now passed. You have used your initial few months learning the ways of camming and how to make money as a cam girl who has just started in the field.

Now, the sooner you master the art of camming, the earlier you can move to a stage where you can identify the top spenders and devise customized strategies to target them. At this stage, you should try to engage and milk your prospects for as long as you can.

Know where the whales are

The most important thing to do is knowing where the big spenders are, and not wasting your time where they aren’t. You can boost your cam girl income by focusing on five things here:

1. Expand: Expand your reach by signing-up on multiple platforms that promise you some decent prospects to find the big-spenders. However, avoid small websites that do not generate big traffic. I recommend focusing on the big names such as Chaturbate, MFC, LiveJasmin, and Pornhub Models, etc. These sites accommodate some of the top models on the internet and thus attract the big spenders.

2. Branch out: Not just camming sites, many other types of websites attract big spenders via different business models. For example, OnlyFans and ManyVids follow a premium social media business model where models can charge a subscription fee from the fans. However, the best part is they also support additional revenue streams such as camming, tips, custom videos, Snapchat Premium, PPV messages, and fan merchandise.

3. Fetish is the key: The most lucrative way to attract big spenders and earn 80% of your revenue in just 20% of the efforts is by serving a fetish. Big spenders love their fetishes and they pay big to the models who can serve their deep desires. Earnings from fetish-based performances and custom video requests alone can account for 80% of your earnings if you target the right people.

4. Long-term loyalty: Some models focus on individual cam sessions and do whatever it takes to milk as much they can from each session. While this strategy results in occasional spikes in your income, there is hardly any scope for it in the long-term. Your ultimate strategy should be focused on building long-term relationships and a loyal fan base, which would ultimately add up to your cam girl salary.

5. Personal connection: Big spenders don’t usually look for women dancing around naked. They are more into personal connections than cheap thrills. If you are into anything interesting –politics, video games, science, philosophy, art –you could use your knowledge to trigger nerdy discussions. People with interests in such stuff often possess serious IQ levels and also more likely to be richer.


You need to take a look at camming in the bigger perspective of your life and check whether you need to make it your “deep-rooted” professional objective, as several young ladies do plan to. Perhaps you are seeking something different such as pursuing a career in modeling or starting your own camming business in the later stages. The camming business is so unpredictable and it’s hard not to surrender, but rather as long as you have a plan, you can, in any event, be certain that you have a business objective to follow.

Be one of those women, and you’ll speak to that immensely significant 20% area of the big spenders where the vast majority of the cash in the webcam modeling world resides.



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