Why Selling Social Media Access is a Crazy Feature for Any Webcam Site?

Millions of people are already using different social media platforms to connect with friends, share multi-media content, and snap memorable experiences. However, most people don’t realize that the entire social media circle can give tons of other opportunities to earn extra cash by taking advantages of some unique features.

Today, I am going to talk about how models sell premium social media access and make some really good money out of it. I have been following the concept for almost 5 years now, and it’s crazy to see how in the last few years this whole selling social media access thing has exploded.

In fact, lots of Instagram models, Snapchat models, and people who aren’t necessarily adult cam models are making money selling their social media accounts in different ways. I just want to run you guys with what I know about this whole concept, and how several people I know have been wisely utilizing different tricks and tips to run this business quite efficiently. So let’s get into it.

Selling Social media access- A crazy and risky deal?

First of all, selling social media access –is not allowed. Not even a single mainstream social media platform want you to do that. It’s there in their terms and services that you don’t sell access to a brand account, page, or an individual account.

It’s also in their terms and conditions that you don’t distribute pornography or any kind of adult material. You can be reported by anyone for doing any of these things, and have your account deleted. Which also mean you will lose all of your friends, followers, and Ads that you run if you don’t have a backup plan. Consequently, it’s quite a complicated process to make a new account and add all of your paying customers back to the new account.

I have seen this happened dozens of time to tons of people. The thing is there are smart ways to get around these rules. Of course, the bottom line is you are breaking the rules, but if you play your cards smartly and stay a little focused on the cautions, I think you can maintain all your social media accounts long term without being constantly banned or deleted.

Why would someone purchase your social media access?

Just because you are offering your account, doesn’t mean it is good, or the people are going to pay for it. Think of it like selling any mainstream physical product such as candies.

Candies are great, people generally love candies, and they are easy to find. Hypothetically, pretty possible that anyone can just go into the kitchen and start making candies. However, expecting to be candy king, just because you are pumping candies, doesn’t mean you are going to sell those candies pretty easily. It would be wiser to advertise your candies, present it with some USP, and sell those in a place where people expect to buy candies.

I have noticed three major reasons for why people buy social media access of models.

1. The model is extremely hot

2. The model is interesting in some or the other way

3. The model is liked and has developed an influence over the person who is buying access.

Undoubtedly, topping on all three aspects is in your best interest, but in case you think you are lagging in any of them, focusing on developing one or two of the aspects can also really help you market your profile.

Webcam models sell social media access because it allows them to get paying customers who are interested in exclusive content from them. These are the stuff models generally do not share or post on camming sites or other platforms. It makes customers feel special and they get to connect the models individually. The same connection also helps them to secure some regular customers in their cam shows.

More like a constant stream of passive income, besides the regular live streaming. Someone who has purchased your Snapchat access is more likely to purchase again, or purchase more of the stuff that models offer on their webcam site profile.

Tips and tricks to sell social media access of camgirls

The tips and tricks I have might not be the fastest way to make tons of money. However, it’s definitely the easy way to go slow and steady, and establish long term grounds without getting your accounts deleted, banned, or timed-out. It might help you keep the customers from getting away.

What if you can’t be found anywhere?

The first question that needs to be answered before getting into the trick is –how does someone actually find your social media account? And how does someone purchase the access?

This is the trickiest part in terms of getting around pretty much everything about selling social media access. Advertising your profile is thorny because most social media networks are not adult content friendly. You can most likely be reported or have your profile deleted if you advertise on social media about selling its access.

While Twitter does allow Adult content with some regulations, but posting or promoting your Snapchat, Instagram, or Kik might get you to shadow banned. Your profile won’t be deleted but it won’t even come in any search result. It’s like people won’t be able to search your username.

Similarly using an unverified account to promote your verified account is also not a great idea because multiple accounts are not allowed, and you are more likely to be caught of selling the adult content. This is why models prefer to stick to the webcam sites, which I am going to discuss below.

Selling social media access on webcam sites

There are a lot of models who perform and also sell Snapchat access on the same site. This is what they do. They actually use the on-site tokens to get paid for the access of their Snapchat. They promote their Premium SnapChat account in their webcam profile and put a rate in terms of tokens to get the access.

For example, 500 tokens to get premium Snapchat access. 400 tokens for Private Instagram access, and so on. Users pay the required tokens as tips during the live show, and the model connects with the users through private DM, telling them the credentials to access the account.

This is a great way to improvise the process, and most of the webcam sites actually promote this commerce. However, things go crazy when you have a hell lot of followers and you get dozens of access requests in a day. The whole thing is manual and you can’t keep a track of the subscriptions.

This is where sites like OnlyFans and BongaCams, which lets models manage social media premium subscriptions come to the rescue. In fact, this is a great way of selling social access and avoid all kinds of hassles.

Bongacams new feature lets you automate the entire process, and you don’t have to manually manage the subscriptions. You can set your subscription rules and amount, and users can directly purchase deferent subscriptions, while models can be notified regularly of new and expired subscriptions.

Simply set up the networks you want to sell access for and set the tokens required. You can also promote your social media profile instead of selling it, by merely putting the access for free. Any social media network you want to add to sell will be shown on several pages of the site. It’s also displayed in the chatroom, as well as on the model’s public profile page.

BongaCams supports the following networks for selling and promoting:

· Twitter

· Instagram

· Snapchat

· Tik-Tok

How to build your own camming site like BongaCams?

It’s a great idea to sell social media access on Bongacams or OnlyFans. However, like every marketplace, they have their rules and also charge commission on every penny earned from the sites. If you have enough followers and people are buying a lot from you, you might want to consider starting your camming site, with special features to sell social media access of camgirls.

It’s a great and can let you claim 100% of your earnings without sharing with any third-party. You just have to purchase this script called xCams to be able to do that within a few hours.

xCams is a turnkey script that builds a readymade website like BongaCams with dedicated features to sell social media access of camgirls. It’s a self-hosted script and you get the source code, which you can host on any adult web server of your choice. The vendors will install and set up the script on your web server, and after that, you can update your profile and everything else.

You will have a camming site of your own where you will be able to-

1. Conduct live webcam shows

2. Get tips from the visitors

3. Sell stuff and merchandises

4. Sell several types of subscription plans

5. Sell social media access

6. Manage all the subscriptions

7. And claim all your earnings for yourself with many other features.

This script is perfect for a webcam model or anyone willing to set up their own camming site. You would be earning day and night without fearing for being banned or so.

Over to you

These are all you can do to sell social media access. Here, I talked about three major ways: sell on general webcam sites, sell on special webcam sites like BongaCams new feature, or sell on your very own website. Depending on your priorities and investments, all three options are great in different situations. You just have to analyze your position and decide which one works best in your case.



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