Dropshipping Sex Toys: How to Start & Top Adult Suppliers

Maloney Graham
10 min readJul 25, 2023
Dropshipping Sex Toys: How to Start & Top Adult Suppliers
Find out the world of dropshipping sex toys — learn how to start and find the best adult suppliers.

Are you ready to take the first step into entrepreneurship? Starting an adult dropshipping business might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

With the ability to sell sex toys, set your own prices, and create your own brand, the possibilities are endless. And the best part is, you don’t even need to pay for inventory until it’s sold to a customer.

If you need some extra motivation, just take a look at the stats. In 2022, the sex toy market reached a whopping 37.2 billion dollars worldwide. That’s right, you have the chance to tap into a booming industry.

So, are you ready to learn how to dropship sex toys? This article has got you covered. We’ll guide you through the process, from understanding what adult dropshipping is to finding the perfect business idea. Let’s get started!

Why Start a Sex Toys Dropshipping?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a business without breaking the bank? Dropshipping sex toys might just be the perfect business model for you! Here’s why:

Firstly, with dropshipping adult toys, you can say goodbye to the expensive upfront costs of inventory investments and business logistics. You can start selling your products immediately without worrying about manufacturing or storing them.

Secondly, it’s a low-risk business model. You can add as many products as you like without the fear of losing money on unsold inventory. If one item isn’t performing well, you can easily switch it out for another one without any hassle.

Thirdly, you can dropship adult toys in a flexible way. You can run your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. However, it’s important to maintain communication with suppliers and customers.

Lastly, sex toy dropshipping is scalable. As your business grows, suppliers will handle the shipping, so you won’t be bogged down with the logistics of fulfilling orders.

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How Profitable is Dropshipping Sex Toys?

Well, the answer is very! Since you’re not responsible for shipping and manufacturing costs, you can quickly reap the profits once you find the right suppliers.

If you’re aiming to generate revenue, adult dropshipping can be a viable option for your business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that profit margins will vary depending on the specific sex toys you’re selling.

Be sure to research and compare source prices from your adult toy suppliers thoroughly and take note of the markups used by other retailers when determining your own profit margins.

Best Adult Toys Dropship Suppliers

When incorporating sex toy dropshipping into your sales strategy, it is crucial to recognize that this creates a business partnership with the supplier involved.

As the adult toy vendor, you become reliant on the dropshipper for various aspects, including product quality, shipping timeliness, and legal compliance.

Therefore, it is imperative to choose a dropshipping supplier with the utmost care. To assist with this process, we have compiled a list of the best dropshipping suppliers that you can leverage from the beginning.

1. Inventory Source — Best Adult Toys Supplier

If you’re not sure how to dropship sex toys, then we suggest you go for Inventory Source. Inventory Source is a reputable and prominent provider of Dropship Data Solutions for the adult toys business, renowned for connecting resellers directly to their dropship supplier programs.

Image Source: Inventory Source

This innovative platform enables resellers to effectively manage their product catalog updates effectively, ensuring optimal business growth and success. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Inventory Source boasts a global reach, serving a vast network of customers across multiple countries worldwide.

What makes Inventory Source stand out is its extensive network of dropship sex toy suppliers from top sex toy businesses.

With the automation features of Inventory Source, online sex toy business owners can easily and efficiently process orders on a larger scale. This platform also helps in managing a wide range of SKUs and analyzing the best-selling SKUs, thus increasing sales and improving overall business performance.

2. Sex Toy Club — Best Affordable Sex Toy Supplier

There is a wholesale sex toy dropshipping company known as Sex Toy Club that offers an extensive selection of over 40000 unique dropship adult toys at wholesale prices. They cater to customers both in the United States and around the world, making it easy for anyone to access their products.

Image Source: Sex Toy Club

You can rest assured of the quality of their products, as they have received numerous positive user reviews, which speaks to their credibility as a supplier. Sex Toy Club even offers integration for popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify, so you can get started on your reselling journey with ease.

3. AppScenic — Best Wholesale Sex Toy Supplier

AppScenic is a comprehensive platform that offers everything adult e-commerce entrepreneurs require to automate their businesses, particularly in the areas of sex toy dropshipping and wholesale. The platform connects online business owners from around the world to top-tier countries’ high-quality suppliers.

Image Source: Appscenic

Upon joining the marketplace, you gain access to a vast selection of more than one million dropshipping and wholesale products. They also provide round-the-clock price and stock synchronization with their suppliers, fully automated orders, and automatic tracking number imports to your store.

Furthermore, they offer custom pricing formulas and a robust dashboard loaded with the latest and most innovative features available in the market. With AppScenic, you can sell more sex toys, anytime and anywhere, and streamline your adult ecommerce business operations.

4. Dreamlove — Best Dropship Adult Toys Supplier in Europe

Dreamlove has been at the forefront of the adult toy dropshipping concept in Europe since 2007, making them one of the pioneers in this field. Over the years, they have honed their system to provide customers with a secure and dependable platform where your only concern is to reach out to the maximum number of customers.

Image Source: Dreamlove

Their logistics are managed by Spain’s leading e-commerce logistics provider, ensuring a commendable logistics efficiency rate of 99.5%. You do not have to worry about minimum order quantities or fees, as you only purchase what you have already sold.

5. 1on1wholesale — Best Automated Sex Toy Supplier

1on1wholesale is an esteemed online supplier of wholesale adult products that are based in the United Kingdom. Their exceptional automated APIs can be easily integrated with multiple ecommerce platforms.

Image Source: 1on1wholesale

Moreover, they offer the convenience of tracking and viewing orders. What’s more, 1on1Wholesale does not charge any extra or hidden fees for dropshipping adult toys. You can seamlessly sync your website with their data feed and start dropshipping toys without any hassle.

They even provide a reliable tracked delivery service that takes approximately 3 to 5 days for delivery within Europe and 7 to 10 days for deliveries around the world without any hassle.

How to Start a Sex Toys Dropshipping Business?

Follow these six steps to creating a successful adult sex toy dropshipping business:

1. Choose a Sex Toy Dropshipping Business Niche

The adult toy dropshipping industry is highly competitive with almost more than half of online sex toy stores utilizing this business model. Due to the prevalence of identical products being sold under various brand names, it is essential to differentiate your brand from others.

Selecting a niche audience is an effective strategy to achieve this. This entails targeting a specific customer segment, allowing the business to focus their efforts and create tailored marketing strategies. For example, you can dropship adult toys that specifically cater to transwomen.

2. Pick a Dropshipping Suppliers

When it comes to running a successful sex toy dropshipping business, the suppliers you choose to partner with can make all the difference. These sex toy suppliers not only provide the products you sell but also handle the delivery process of those products to your customers.

To ensure that you are working with reliable suppliers, it is important to do your due diligence. Start by checking their client list and requesting their business license to avoid falling prey to scammers.

Additionally, read reviews to gauge the quality of their services. Finally, pay attention to the minimum order quantity required by the supplier. Some suppliers may require a minimum upfront payment for orders, but typically, the more items you purchase, the lower the overall cost will be.

3. Plan Your Finances & Register Your Business

It is recommended that you establish a clear separation between your personal and business finances right from the start. By doing so, it will be much easier to keep track of your dropship business-related expenses and revenues.

This practice is also essential for legal purposes. It is advisable to open a business bank account under your dropshipping brand name and use it solely for business transactions, such as receiving payments from customers and paying suppliers.

Moreover, it is essential to obtain the necessary legal documents, including a business license and resale certificate. It is also crucial to check the sales tax nexus regulations with your business and suppliers’ local government.

By obtaining all the required legal documents and meticulously planning your finances for platform costs and marketing expenses for the online dropship store, you can ensure a smooth and successful business venture.

4. Create Your Online Sex Toy Store

After you’re done with your finances, it’s time to open your online sex toy dropship store. How to do it cost-effectively?

The answer is simple: using an adult e-commerce script like xMarketplace. With a domain and hosting in hand, you can build your own adult toy dropship store in a matter of days with xMarketplace.

Compared to hiring a developer to build the adult dropship store, using a ready-made script like xMarketplace is time-saving and cost-efficient. Furthermore, with xMarketplace, you can leverage international dropshipping APIs that can offer more than 20,000 adult products.

You will also get 100% software source code, meaning you will be your own boss of your website. Plus, xMarketplace also offers an in-built adult payment processor, CCBill, to process all your payments.

5. Build Your Brand Identity

One key factor in setting your sex toy dropshipping business apart from competitors is the use of strong branding. By creating a unique and memorable visual identity, you can help ensure that your target audience remembers and chooses to purchase from your business.

To create a visually appealing brand identity, carefully select a color palette that compliments your business and appeals to your target audience. For inspiration, consider checking out our website’s color schemes guide.

Additionally, choose fonts that are both unique and easy to read, selecting a distinct typeface for your logo that effectively conveys your brand identity. When it comes to web content, social media visuals, and email newsletters, opt for a more familiar and readable font.

Finally, it’s essential to provide your users with clear product descriptions and lists of features in order to aid them in making informed purchasing decisions.

6. Optimize and Promote Your Sex Toy Dropshipping Business

Congratulations on launching your website! Now that your adult toy dropship business is officially up and running, it’s time to start promoting your products to attract customers.

Digital marketing is key to growing your sex toy dropshipping business and there are several effective ways to drive traffic to your online store and increase sales.

1. Search Engine Optimization

One key method on how to market sex toys is search engine optimization (SEO), which involves optimizing your website to rank higher and gain more visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Focus on the integration of relevant keywords in your product pages, URLs, titles, descriptions, meta tags and headers.

2. Paid Ads

Secondly, consider investing in advertising space on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. While these options can be more expensive, they offer advanced audience targeting settings that can help you reach the right customers more easily.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another effective strategy to consider. Sharing your products on popular social networks like Instagram and TikTok can help you reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers in a more visual way.

When it comes to promoting adult products, it’s worth considering Twitter and Reddit as the top social platforms to use. Give them a try before exploring other options.

4. Email Marketing

Another great way to reach customers is through email marketing. By offering an introductory discount to users who sign up for your email list, you can build a loyal customer base and keep them informed of new product releases and discount announcements.

With these digital marketing strategies in place, you’ll be well on your way to growing your adult sex toy dropshipping business and increasing your sales!


If you’re looking to start an adult online business but have limited experience and budget, the dropshipping model could be an excellent option. By using this method, you won’t have to manage any inventory, making it a much easier process.

In regards to how to dropship sex toys, you’ll need to find reliable dropship sex toy suppliers and set up an online store that can handle all of your sales. Fortunately, our list of top-rated suppliers can help you do just that. Plus, with the help of xMarkplace, creating your adult online store has never been easier.

Don’t wait any longer — start planning your business today!